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I take what I do very seriously because I know and appreciate the delicate nature of parents in their postpartum season. I am always so grateful when a families I've served are willing to share a kind word with me about our time together. These are just a few testimonials that have come from some whom I've helped over the years.

Mama T.

Eme has always been there for me to express my racing mind and concerns about breast feeding my babies. She explains what helps while really asking questions that lead me to find my own answers and confidence. That's what someone does for you when they nurture you in a non-judgmental way. Eme is one of the ONLY people I have had do this for me as a new mom and most closely relating to breast feeding. My word she has saved me from some troubling thoughts and situations. She is quite a blessing to me! I thank God for her! Even on baby number two I needed her advice and expertise again. I am relieved to know she's still on my Speed dial even with baby #3. Any mom out there is lucky to get you to support, coach, and love them through breast feeding!

Mama T.

New parents and seasoned parents want someone they can trust when going through such an important milestone in life-the birth of a child. Eme has given me advice for my girls and continues to be a leader in the community for breastfeeding awareness and natural parenting. Her personality, skills, education and eagerness to help make her the perfect resource. Highly recommended! From a Mom with 3 girls. You can never have enough help

Mama C.

I like advice from Eme. I felt her confidence and that it came from compassion. You know when the doctor makes you feel scolded? That’s not Eme. It felt like she generously offered her knowledge, without attachment to my response. Like, “here you go” and that’s it. Yeah, refreshing. Also, I felt empowered, which I’m guessing, is what she hopes I will pass on to my son.

Mama S.

I met Eme in the Fall of 2008 at a La Leche League meeting. She was not the group's leader at that point, but a strong presence none the less because I remember her from that very first time. I think it might have been her hair, LOL, beautiful!

I digress. There have been countless occasions over the course of our acquaintance that I have asked Eme for her knowledge & expertise. No matter the subject (breastfeeding, food allergies) or the form of communication (email, text, Facebook) she has always been quick to respond and always full of positive, helpful information. Man! She even helped my sister-in-law, a complete stranger via email three days postpartum regarding breast milk jaundice. I am extremely grateful for having such a wonderful woman in my mom community. And I highly recommend Eme and the knowledgable services she has to offer.

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