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Service options


My availablity is limited so be sure to contact me with any questions you have about scheduling!

Postpartum care
Stay tuned for further details on postpartum packages such as Weekend Warrior and Cushion Care.
Breastfeeding class
Breastfeeding is natural but may not come easy. All that most parents need to be successful is a few starter skills and some solid information to help them feel confident.
My approximately 2 hour class offers you the opportunity to be exposed to some of this information and learn these skills. Among the many things I will present to you, you will leave my clas having visualised yourself some goals as well knowing about the HELP you will need.
  • H – Have a resource you trust
  • E – Expect to have questions
  • L – Lean on others
  • P – Plan your success
You will:
  • Know who to call for help
  • Identify some common holds
  • Explain a few ways you can tell baby is getting enough
  • Learn how to tell if your health/support provider is "breastfeeding friendly"
...and much much more!



Lactation support
55$/ hr
I am avaiable to support you with most of your lactation questions and concerns. If your situation is beyond my scope of practice I will refer you to a qualified IBCLC.

In order to witness some typical baby behaviour and at least one (hopefully more) feedings, my in-home visits are typically 2-3 hours. Because breastfeeding isn't just about feeding, I feel it is important to be there for more than just a single nursing session.
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