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A little about me


 Among the many ways I  identify myself, I'm primarily I'm a mom  to 5 humans (and 2 pups).  I've been training for this career in lactation and postpartum support since I brought my first child home in 1994, I just didnt know it at the time. This personal experience , mixed with my official trainings and certifications, provides me with a special skill set to  support families when they're going through this transition. I liken what I do to being a tour guide. My job isn't to tell you where to go or what to do. My job is to ask you what your goals are and get you the best, evidence based information available so you can make the best choices, aligned with *your* goals, to meet the needs of your family. I want to leave you feeling confident in the choices you're making today. 


My journey to here was quite involved and I went through many difficult, painful transitions. GIven that my children range in ages from 23 years to 5 years old I came to this place in my life through years of varied experiences. I struggled with a variety of breastfeeding issues with my first two children and received poor advice. On that advice I weaned them much earlier than I would have otherwise. When my 3rd child was born some new struggles presented themselves that led me down the road to here. I became involved in La Leche League and eventually became a n Accredited Leader after my 4th child was born. I have learned so much working side by side with parents who've allowed me into their lives. I will forever be grateful to them, and their babies. (some testimonials can be found here in ---> feedback.) I've been on a path since to expand my depth of knowledge in the world lactation and supporting families in the postpartum period and really feel strongly that we as a society need to provide better care to families in this time.


I've attended as many trainings as I could (my Curriculm Vitae can be viewed here ----> CV)  to gain the best skills to help families make choices that are best for them. From post partum doula training to a variety of lactation courses as well as receiving my Associates Degree in science with an emphasis in Mathmatics I recognize this is an ongoing process. I don't plan to ever stop being a student, as life offers many lessons. I am currently in the final stretch of a years long goal to sit for the IBCLC Exam to become a board certified Lactation Consultant!


I have a special place in my heart for:

  • Military familes

  • Single parents

  • The LGBTQ community

  • Surrogate and Gestatiaonal carriers

  • Families living with food allergies,

  • Families with children on the Autism spectrum, specifically Aspergers. 

  • Families/ mothers dealing with Trauma, Anxiety Disorders, and PTSD


I look forward to being of service to you and your family,


Eme xo

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